Welcome to Lily Lane Creative, a serene, calming yet uplifting space in the heart of trendy Subiaco.

Specialising in all things lived in with a palette of bright blonde, sumptuous coppers and luxurious brunettes. Bespoke is the key word in our cutting services along with our on trend event styling.

Our Space.

In the bustling heart of Subiaco, amid the hurried pace of modern life, there exists a tranquil oasis that beckons you to embrace self-love, hair health, and holistic wellness. Welcome to Lily Lane Creative, where the art of hairstyling meets the science of self-care in a sanctuary designed for ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation.

A Creative space for
hair and wellness.

At Lily Lane Creative, your journey to self-love begins the moment you walk through the door. From the soothing music to the aromatic scents and the warm smiles of our highly skilled stylists, we’ve created an environment that encourages you to unwind, destress, and embrace the moment.


Lily Lane Favourites

A Proud Sustainable Salon.

As a sustainable salon up to 95% of our salon resources, used during services can be recycled. 

This includes.

– Colour waste is recycled back into water and used in roadworks and construction. 
– Plastics are remade into closed-loop products like coasters & sunglasses. 
– Hair clippings are used to make Hair Booms that help clean up oil spills at land & sea. 
– Aluminium is recycled and proceeds from recycled resources are donated to OzHarvest. 

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